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Welcome to the main site of the aktrs Java library.

aktrs (pr: actors) is a Java application library implementing the Actor Model. It provides remote actors through TCP sockets (and SSL sockets), actor profiling, a Console and tunable logging. It's API is easy to use and its core is written in few lines of source code.

aktrs requires Java version 1.5 or newer, has no additional dependencies and can be packaged into any application according to its GNU Lesser General Public License. Anyone is free to contribute with changes and redistribute them.

Refer to the section below for source/binary download of software and online documentation. Check packages signature with the author's public key.

Source code versioning is hosted at: https://svn.code.sf.net/p/aktrs/code/

aktrs 1.3 (latest stable)

Dependency snippet from Maven Central:


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Description Package Signature
JAR archive aktrs-1.3.jar aktrs-1.3.jar.asc
Source archive with user guide and tests aktrs-1.3-sources.jar aktrs-1.3-sources.jar.asc
Javadoc archive aktrs-1.3-javadoc.jar aktrs-1.3-javadoc.jar.asc

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